“We have been able to address issues quickly, due to the highly responsive and knowledgeable team at Insource, where someone is always available at the end of the phone to provide help and support.”
Rob O'Neill
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Insource Clients ‘on the record’.

Below is some of the material our clients have approved to be in the public domain.

Please feel free to download, save or print the case studies for your reference.

  • Report: South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust: Advanced Business Intelligence in practice in Acute Trusts

    At the start of our BI project we recognised that our existing information systems did not meet the increasing business needs of the Trust. We had a number of fragmented systems acquired to meet ad-hoc department needs and sought to move to a more integrated environment, whilst protecting our investment.

    We wanted to enhance our current business intelligence capability as the demand for meaningful and accessible information increases. This included the visualisation of reporting content, accessibility to that content, and the timely provision and distribution of relevant business information to all levels of the organisation. It was important to us that we benefited from Business Intelligence expertise through a partner and that, over time, we took on skills to expand the system ourselves to meet further demand.

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  • Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

    The report covers their vision for BI within the Trust, lessons learnt, implementation process and next steps. The plan is to continue to publish updates on progress within this Trust and across other clients within the NHS in the coming months.

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  • Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust

    The Trust needed to provide a strategic long-term information strategy solution to address their business issues and improve efficiency, productivity and their ability to control costs.

    As a result of implementing the Insource Health BI solution:

    • Managers at Colchester will spend less time looking for information
    • Clinicians are able to create their own patient reports
    • Managers and Clinicians use that information to help them transform their services

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  • Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

    A task that used to take a month to complete now happens automatically each day, and is now providing accurate information in time for it to affect performance across the business. A key factor in the success of the solution was the ability provided by Data Academy to capture the multitude of reporting rules which used to reside within the reports themselves and hold them centrally in the Data Warehouse so that they proliferate to all the reports automatically. The business now has one version of the truth across all reports.

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  • Cheshire and Wirral NHS Foundation Trust

    Cheshire and Wirral leverage Data Academy to build a robust BI platform, reduce data quality issues by 65% and free up two Whole Time Equivalents.

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  • Heart of England Trust

    Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest hospital Trust in England, with a provision of over 1,400 beds and 10,500 staff serving 1 .5 million people across North and East Birmingham Region. The Trust has become well know for its specialist treatment of heart and kidney disease, cancer, HIV and AIDS as well as respiratory conditions like Cystic Fibrosis. The Trust is one of the highest performing in the UK, voted Acute Trust of the Year in the 2006 Health Service Journal Awards and in the Nursing Times' Top 10 Places to Work in 2005. In order to support the Foundation Trust requirements Heart of England needed a new management information system in order to drive efficiency.

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