Data Warehouse Automation

For a fast, fail-proof and future-proof data warehouse build


Most approaches to building data warehouses are time and resource intensive, with huge levels of manual software coding prone to human error and inconsistency.

The Data Academy Data Warehouse Automation Edition solves these problems, empowering you to achieve significantly more for much less.

Data warehouse automation is a way to gain efficiencies and improve effectiveness in data warehousing processes. It’s much more than simply automating the development process. It encompasses all of the core processes of data warehousing including design, development, testing, deployment, operations, impact analysis and change management. (Definition courtesy of professional association TDWI.)

We offer functionality that goes beyond other data warehouse automation products so you achieve a more reliable, sustainable result – quickly and cost effectively.


With the Data Academy Data Warehouse Automation Edition, data warehouse creation becomes a process-driven science rather than a manual art.

This highly engineered development platform leverages the power and functionality of Microsoft SQL Server – and gives you blueprinted architectural design methodologies. Data Academy therefore eliminates the pitfalls of using a multifaceted, general-purpose database development environment, so you join the elite class of data professionals who deliver successful data-related projects.

Like our other Data Academy editions – and unique among data management products – Data Warehouse Automation enables the development and support of both individual and enterprise-scale solutions using a single code base. You’ll be able to deploy your enterprise solution easily across multiple environments, configure them locally and upgrade them while respecting and maintaining those local configurations.


Your data warehouse build will be fast, fail-proof and future-proof, and you’ll enjoy productivity and efficiency benefits that extend beyond initial production.

Solutions developed using this combination of technologies adhere to highest standards and are guaranteed to be more maintainable, removing dependency on individuals involved in project inception.

As a data professional, you will deliver greater value from the work you do and produce quality solutions sooner, within predictable timeframes and costs.

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Data Warehouse Automation Build
‘The amount of development time it saves you is huge. It’s removed the bulk of the coding and enabled us to concentrate on adding value.’
Andy Prince, Software Development Manager, Peverel Group (now FirstPort Property Management)


Case Studies


A selection of Data Warehouse Automation Platform clients

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