“'The Insource solution was the only one that could satisfy us that it was a robust and fully-supported product which would be fully upgradeable and expandable to meet both our current and future needs. It is now at the heart of our data strategy, to the extent that a milestone and pre-requisite on our PAS migration strategy was the automatic production of CDS from our Insource solution, to mitigate the risk of us experiencing the down-time and disruption faced by other migrating trusts.'”
Tracy Sowersby
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust

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Why should you attend?

Designed for senior decision makers within Trusts, these morning seminars with networking lunch will not only demonstrate how a fresh and innovative approach to data management can ensure your Trust delivers on it's strategic information objectives but provide you with the right tools, knowledge and support to enable you to pioneer new initiatives.

What will you see?

We will present to you i-HealthBI ENTERPRISE, a complete Information Strategy for Healthcare Organisations, designed to meet every Trusts data and information needs. You will see a ‘commercial off the shelf’ product suite, that gives you YOUR Single Version of the Truth, as defined by YOUR Trust. i-HealthBI ENTERPRISE is a modular Advanced Business Intelligence suite of fully integrated applications, developed with input and feedback directly from Acute Trusts.

Who will you meet?

You will meet Healthcare Director Graham Bennett, and Product & Solutions Director Rob Davenport who are part of our highly skilled and experienced team, with a strong pedigree in advanced data management technologies, solutions and software products. We have also invited a group of healthcare professionals such as yourself, so we are able to show you, and discuss with you, the benefits of collaboration that i-HealthBI ENTERPRISE can bring to your Trust.

 How can we help you?

Insource offers a UNIQUE application platform to drive ALL your information systems, from YOUR Single Version of the Truth, as defined by YOU – at last, facts and figures you can rely on without question.


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