History of Data Solutions

The data you deal with is only increasing and becoming more complex. Perhaps the biggest data challenge you face – intrinsic to every aspect of your organisation – is how to get your data right.

With over 20 years history of enterprise data management solutionswe’ve been

  • At the vanguard of data management
  • Developing data solutions to today’s problems
  • Pre-empting tomorrow’s challenges

As one client said... ‘You’ve shown us the future and given us solutions to problems we hadn’t even thought about. We didn’t know the technology existed to do things in a different way.’


Insource address the growing gap between the challenges organisations face and their ability to harness rapidly emerging technologies.

In the midst of the tech boom, Insource provided consultancy services to help organisations take strategic advantage of new technologies. Effective data management is a common denominator across our clients, and this drove our focus in the coming years.


Insource adopts Rapid Application Development principles and creates Rapid Application Tools

In our quest to deliver more value for less cost – and to achieve maximum quality and robustness for our solutions – Insource recognised that the only real option was to develop data solutions and systems that automatically built code faster and more reliably than developers could themselves throughout history.


100% focus on data solutions, data management and data warehouse systems

Due to sheer size and complexity, our data management solutions had one of the most compelling needs for improved developer efficiency gains. We made the strategic decision to focus on the development of data warehouse-specific utilities to increase developer productivity and deliver greater data solutions value to clients.


Data Academy, moving data warehouse automation to a new level

Insource evolved our suite of Rapid Application Development Tools into a commercial product – Data Academy. This was in recognition of and in response to many organisations wanting to build their data warehouse themselves rather than outsource that development.

Insource began providing all these developer utilities as a ‘shrink-wrapped’ product, enabling and empowering organisations to develop data solutions in-house faster and better than they could with just SQL Server.

This was a strategic and pivotal point in Insource’s history.


Insource standardise data solutions, warehouse architecture and create development methods – to enable the development of configurable data warehouse products for different markets

After 4 years of concept design, blue-sky thinking, R&D, trial and error, Insource launched a project to create an architectural design, methodology and project approach to enable the development of productised data warehouse products using Data Academy as the development platform.

The NHS was chosen to test these concepts, as we recognised they faced some of the world’s most difficult scenarios and complex data. If our data solutions worked in healthcare, they would work in all industries.

Data solutions architecture finalised for best-of-breed bespoke and productised data warehouses

After exhaustive R&D, Insource achieved a design to meet the requirements for a data warehouse product. This enabled architectural standardisation of data warehouse and data management solutions.


Productised, fully configurable data warehouse product launched

The creation of a single code-based product that could be deployed in any acute hospital, to work with any data source and present data via any choice of reporting tool.

This data solution could be fully configured to meet all local requirements and nuances of operation while maintaining a single, standard code base.


Standardised data warehouse architectures for all

We reverse engineered the architectural designs of our acute health data warehouse product to create a standard for data warehouse design. This became the Data Space Frame architectural design.

Data Space Frame evolved into a complete set of documented design principles, methodologies and standards. These design standards enabled any organisation in any sector to create data management products that can be ‘built once, deployed many’. Products created using Data Space Frame are locally configurable and infinitely expandable while maintaining the single code base core.

We commenced development of Product Manager

After 4 years in feasibility and planning – and thanks to the maturity of the Data Academy development suite, our increase in knowledge and extensive R&D – we commenced work on a software application to manage the process of building and releasing productised data warehouses.

This was the first module in the Product Manager Suite for Data Academy.


Data Space Frame was productised and became part of Product Manager

Data Space Frame evolved from a documented methodology to a full, integrated, software-based design aid, which we incorporated into Product Manager.

Acute Health Data Enterprise was launched – a truly standardised enterprise data management solution for healthcare providers.

Our BI-focused data warehouse for acute trusts became a data preparation engine and was renamed Acute Health Data Enterprise. Acute Health Data Enterprise continues to deliver a single version or single source of the truth via a Unified Data Layer.

The introduction of a Unified Data Layer expanded the use of data from just analytics and reporting to many other functions and applications that require a source of good quality, accurate data in large volumes.

Clients began to benefit from cutting-edge data preparation – the Unified Data Layer concept was built into Data Academy

We had long recognised the opportunity and need to use data from a data warehouse for purposes other than reporting and analytics.

In order to simplify access to data for non-BI purposes, we made major changes to Data Academy to enable it to generate a Unified Data Layer – a single source to access all your trusted, certified and auditable data; a single version of the truth; a data source for multiple purposes.

This provided functionality that went beyond conventional data warehouse automation products. Data Academy now incorporated another emerging technology: pioneering ‘data preparation’ or ‘data prep’.


Ground-breaking platform for managing Referral to Treatment in acute health providers launched

With the availability of a Unified Data Layer, we opened up the opportunity to provide line-of-business applications that require large amounts of quality, certified data to function.

We launched an initiative to enable healthcare providers to meet a key operational challenge that’s dependent on being data confident – management of RTT and patient pathways. This solution platform became Patient Pathway Plus.

Unprecedented levels of standardisation and productisation in data management achieved

Our flagship solution platform, Acute Health Data Enterprise, which we built entirely using Data Academy, became the showcase for Data Academy’s unprecedented capability to enable others to build equivalent data management solutions in any industry sector or vertical market.

Insource invented the Management Information Console to give organisations management control over their data

The need for evidence, governance and information relating to data is constantly increasing to meet legislative and corporate requirements – for the public and private sectors.

In order to address this simply, we added full auditing and data lineage capability to our development platforms and our solution platforms. Automated data quality reports based on client-configurable custom rules, together with self-documentation, opened up a new world –  ‘data about your data’ and ‘trusted data from your data’.


Version 1 of Product Manager to be released, setting a new standard for data management development

After 4 years of extensive R&D, testing and evolution as an in-house suite of applications, Product Manager has been extended and expanded over and above its original concept.

It will become a complete software engineering facility suite to complement Data Academy – it will manage and control the design, development, componentisation, version control, enhancement, release and distribution of data management software.

Version 1 will be released to the Data Academy community as the next ground-breaking development, and will further revolutionise the standard for data management projects.


2016 and beyond

We’ve led the technology wave in the development of data warehouse automation, automated data preparation and the productisation of data management solutions. We’ve achieved a number of ‘world firsts’, and our clients have consistently achieved breakthroughs and ‘firsts’ in their data management achievements.

Clients will continue to benefit exponentially from our strategic data management platforms. We’ll continue to invest in breaking new ground to bring you the benefits of new technology developments.

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