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Improve customer loyalty and generate additional licence revenue

Are you looking to provide customers with new, value-added functionality? To generate additional revenue streams? To give your application a competitive advantage?

A reporting and analytics capability will help you achieve all three. However, rely on traditional technologies and you risk finding yourself:

    • Continually bespoking this part of your offering to meet each client’s specific needs
    • Bespoking reporting and analytics output in order to get the sale
    • Facing an expanding queue of one-off, bespoke customer requirements that absorb your technical resources
    • Unable to undertake one-click software upgrades to your client base, as each customer has a bespoke implementation and an upgrade would over-write these non-standard elements
    • Having to undertake costly upgrades for each client to ensure continued maintenance revenue streams


We created Data Academy to solve these problems.

Data Academy is a fast, reliable and elegant way to manufacture productised BI solutions

Data Academy, our suite of advanced development platforms, offers you a fully managed environment for providing productised data warehouse solutions specific to your application. You benefit from:

  • Blueprinted architectures
  • Product modularisation
  • Licensed, client-configurable environment
  • Version control management
  • Unit testing
  • A licence-controlled finished product
  • Generation of single-click installation routines
  • Seamless client upgrades
  • Remote management


Using Data Academy, you’ll open additional repeatable licence revenue without compromising your efficiency. And you’ll see increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Request a demo to see how.

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‘A challenge of this magnitude could not have been completed in the timeframe without Data Academy®

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