NHS Patient Pathway Management

Patient Pathway Plus provides what spreadsheets and BI systems can't. A single version of the truth for all your patient activities

Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) has been designed to cope with the pressure of elective care and 18 week / Referral to Treatment (RTT) pathways, helping you to control and audit data to meet the demands set by governing bodies.

PP+ complements the functionality of your PAS or EPR systems and allows you to pull complex data from these and other systems to provide a central digital hub providing a consistent, accurate and validated source of data for managing elective care and RTT pathways.

A fast sustainable and cost effective way to manage elective care pathways with minimum of risk.


  • Joins up all pathway activity across the trust through one centralised digital hub
  • Provides an audit trail of all pathway activity, giving you a single source of validation and single source of the truth
  • Eliminates duplication of effort and increases productivity
  • Highlights potential errors and enables them to be proactively addressed before they have impact on quality of a patient’s pathway
  • Ensures no patient goes missing or falls through the net - Never lose a patient
  • Identifies pathways to support prioritisation of patients and patient cohorts
  • Identifies root causes of where and when errors were made
  • Ensures trusts have the right information to enable them to manage capacity, planning and forecasting
  • Enables trusts to make accurate, timely, auditable mandatory submissions
‘Patient Pathway Plus is the best and most complete solution for validation that I have seen.’

Louise Topliss, General Manager of Performance, Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

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