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One of the biggest and costliest challenges in data visualisation is data preparation. You need your business intelligence and visualisation tools to tell the correct story, and you need high quality, accurate and certified data to achieve this.

Data preparation covers a range of processing activities that transform data sources into a format, quality and structure suitable for further analytical or operational processing. Using most methods, it’s not unusual for this to be highly manual and prone to error.

This is where the Automated Data Preparation Edition comes in.

The Automated Data Preparation Edition is an enterprise-grade development platform that leverages the functionality of Microsoft SQL Server, while enhancing and extending it to make it more valuable and useable. You’ll avoid the pain and pitfalls of data preparation with our blueprinted architectural design methodologies.

Uniquely among data management products, Data Academy enables you to develop and support both individual and enterprise-scale solutions using a single code base. You’ll be able to deploy your enterprise solution easily across multiple environments, configure them all locally and upgrade them while respecting and maintaining those local configurations.

The Automated Data Preparation Edition delivers highly engineered data management solutions while reducing the risk of project overrun, overspend and potential failure.

Your solution will be standards compliant, best practice conformant, governed, standardised, auditable and consistent, because our process conducts rigorous integrity checks. Importantly, your data quality won’t be dependent on individuals or compromised by human error.

You’ll get greater value from your work because you’ll have complete confidence you’re delivering accurate, consistent, reliable data – no matter where it comes from or where it goes to.

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