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Easily build robust data-driven apps

Data management isn’t just to serve BI analytics and data visualisation. A wide variety of business needs require data from an enterprise-grade solution.

Often these post-processing applications have an element of On Line Transactional Processing (OLTP) and workflow to them, but they handle large data volumes so their architecture is more representative of a data management application than a straightforward transaction processing application.

When large volumes of complex data are involved, conventional software development techniques are costly and time consuming.

With the Data Academy Data App Edition, you can design and build data-driven applications quickly and cost effectively.

The Data Academy Data App Edition is a development platform that provides all the functionality and tools you need to build data-driven applications efficiently.

You’ll have the flexibility to develop everything from one-off to enterprise-scale data preparation solutions, which you can configure locally across multiple environments.

The development platform leverages the functionality of Microsoft SQL Server, enhancing and extending it to give you maximum value and usability. It provides blueprinted architectural design methodologies for rapid production of enterprise-grade applications and incorporates a wealth of modules, including workflow, auditing and interface design.

You’ll deliver a robust, sustainable application that’s easy to maintain and scale.

The Data Academy Data App Edition streamlines development because you’re building on proven design architectures combined with configurable modules that integrate seamlessly.

Thus, you’ll achieve an enterprise-grade result that goes way beyond what would be economical to conceive, design and build within the scope of any individual project.

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‘It does all of what you need much easier and much faster, and in a cleaner, more professional, manageable and maintainable way than using native SQL Server.’

Peter Stevens, Data Warehouse Architect






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