Acute Health Data Enterprise

Improve patient care while driving greater efficiency

Acute trusts face a conundrum: their huge data demands far outweigh internal capacity and available budgets. These pressures put continuity of care and trust funding at risk.

Acute Health Data Enterprise helps you achieve more with less

Our Enterprise Data Solutions for Acute Health is a modular solution platform designed to meet all acute trusts’ data needs – from statutory and non-statutory submissions through to performance dashboards and analytics.

For the first time, you’ll be completely confident you’re relying on accurate, reliable data – no matter where in the trust it comes from.

  • Single source of trusted, certified data: it refines and standardises your PAS/EPR data into a single source you can use for any application that requires data
  • Compatible with any PAS/EPR system, reporting and visualisation tool: and you can use it as a source for external applications such as SLAM and PLICS
  • Local configuration with complete upgradeability: the first product to offer this – all upgrades respect local configuration while introducing a common data management standard that can be used by all trusts
  • Exceptional governance and management control: for example, lineage provides full traceability of all input and output fields and evidences every step along the way
  • Low cost of ownership: you benefit from economies of scale through multiple trusts’ use of the product


Acute Health Data Enterprise is the culmination of more than 60 man-years of intense R&D, working closely with NHS trusts in England and health boards in Scotland. Learn more about its options and modules, and request a demo to see how your trust will benefit.

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Data Solutions for Acute Health from Insource

‘It provides an ever-expanding range of functionality around clinical data management that just works.’

David Walliker, Chief Information Officer, 
Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust






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