Acute Analytics Plus

The easy, cost-effective data warehouse for acute care providers

Is your existing data warehouse or analytics engine out of sync with the trust’s current requirements? Have you been charged with improving it (or building a new one) on a tight budget and with limited resources?

Traditionally, data warehouses are coded manually. This is costly, slow and inflexible – and often fails to deliver value within an acceptable timescale. These data warehouses are frequently dependent on the individuals who built them, and they’re difficult to maintain and change once they’re deployed.

These are major problems for acute providers, because your requirements constantly evolve and people move on.

You need a data warehouse that fast to implement, easy to maintain and not dependent on the people that built it.

This is Acute Analytics Plus.

Acute Analytics Plus is a pre-built data warehouse that gives you a reliable, future-proof result quickly and cost effectively.

You get extensive analytics without having to create them from scratch – Acute Analytics Plus works out of the box with a number of OLAP analytics cubes and all the associated star schemas and transformations.

We’ve designed and built these analytics cubes with our Data Academy development platform at the heart. This means they provide enormous functionality as they are, but you can easily modify, extend and customise them as your needs change.

Acute Analytics Plus significantly reduces the time and resource required to implement and maintain an acute care data warehouse.

You get everything you need to report and analyse activity-based information off the shelf today, with the flexibility to enhance it cost effectively as your trust’s needs evolve.

You’ll avoid all the risks and inefficiencies inherent in manual coding and dependency on individuals, and your information team will be more productive and deliver greater value to the trust.

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‘It was the only offering that combined the requirement of delivering a pre-built product that met our immediate reporting requirements, with the flexibility of adding local customisation and extensions.’

Paul Johnson, Independent Healthcare Information Consultant, (former Assoc Director of Information and Performance), South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust





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