An Introduction to Analytics Plus


Analytics Plus is the Data Warehouse module of Health Data Enterprise.

Unlike other off-the-shelf data warehouse products, this will meet all a trust’s requirements, both known and unknown.

Analytics Plus is a portfolio of structured subject-specific data marts that form part of an open systems data warehouse. With access to every item in the data warehouse, it is totally configurable, modifiable and expandable to meet any hospital trust’s requirements. Simplicity of use is covered by Star Schema and OLAP cube data structures, with all data naming conventions based on the NHS Data Dictionary.

It can run as a standalone module taking data from any suitable source, or preferably, can plug directly on to the Health Data Enterprise UDL, which provides a clean and certified data source, irrespective of the original source systems. Combined with functionality such as data lineage and a fully documented data dictionary means that it delivers a fully managed data warehouse solution to meet all requirements, now and in the future.