How we helped Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust achieve more with less time


Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust was established in 1999 following the merger of the Royal Hull Hospitals NHS Trust and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

A recognised major trauma centre for the region, the trust currently employs around 8,000 staff and welcomes around 1 million patients through its doors each year.


The trust wanted to adopt a product-based data management strategy that would reduce its dependency on, and the cost of, its existing in-house systems.

Its initial focus was to develop a new data warehouse that would combine data from its Clinicom Patient Administration System (PAS) with a number of other sources, such as clinical, financial and workforce.

Ultimately, the trust wanted to free up its analysts’ time to allow them to focus on meeting service demands rather than having to pre-process data.

“Like many healthcare providers, we were dependent on a hand-built, home-grown system that could only be supported by the individuals who authored it,” explained Tracy Sowersby, the trust’s Associate Director of Information Services.


Any solution the trust considered had to meet its IMT goal of simple and easy access to ‘output quality’ data for the easy development and deployment of interactive dashboards and personalised analytics.

One of the key requirements was to create an intuitive data warehouse environment that would enable:

  • The trust’s information team to be able to respond quickly to requests from clinicians and managers for information
  • The data to be cut and presented in new ways


We recommended our Acute Analytics Plus application to the trust for a number of reasons, including its ability to:

  • Fully meet all of the trust’s current and future needs, thanks to its flexibility and expandability
  • Integrate with any existing reporting tool or any reporting tools the trust might choose to purchase as part of its long-term strategy

Our specialists deployed all of the necessary product components, which included the in-patient, outpatient and A&E modules and the Insource connector for the Clinicom PAS. We also set up the necessary mapping codes, along with a number of specific trust rules, specifically relating to how the trust handles and processes its data, and provided the trust with data quality reports.


We worked in partnership with the trust to develop ‘pick and mix’ solutions that would enable it to meet its local and national strategic goals, including Commissioning Data Sets (CDS), Referral To Treatment (RTT) and Electronic Staff Record (ESR).


Our unique ability to provide the trust with an off-the-shelf flexible and expandable business intelligence application suite and dedicated support, has enabled the trust to analyse the root cause of data quality issues and address them quickly.

What’s more, the trust has been able to extract data from the Clinicom PAS and source mapping issues with ease. Due to the flexibility of Acute Analytics Plus and our extensive expertise, the trust has also been able to stay on track with project milestones, such as developing value business critical reporting and analytics output and visualisation.

“Insource’s Acute Analytics Plus solution is a robust and fully supported product. It’s upgradeable and expandable to meet our current and future needs,” added Tracy.

“The system sits at the heart of our data strategy and is now a milestone and pre-requisite on our PAS migration strategy. The automatic production of CDS from our Insource solution will mitigate the risk of the reporting down-time and disruption faced by other migrating trusts.”

The trust have invested in several of our product modules to meet the needs of different areas of the business and are already working with Insource to fine-tune the deployment plan for their next module, which will automate their RTT and Patient Pathway management.