How we helped ISS Group meet client needs faster and become more competitive


The ISS Group was founded in Copenhagen in 1901 and has since grown to become one of the leading facility services companies in the world.

ISS works with a wide range of sectors providing services ranging from cleaning, building maintenance support, catering and property services, to security and facility management services.

More than 534,500 employees in over 50 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Pacific, currently work for the ISS Group.


ISS was awarded a large global contract by Barclays that involved delivering and managing facilities services to multiple sites across 40 countries.

The brief included providing a revolutionary new performance management tool that would enable Barclays to gain an up-to-date global view of its facilities management contract performance at each site. The option to drill down into the finer details, to identify issues when problems occur, was also required.


Barclays needed to be able to easily access and interrogate its contract performance information and identify issues to be addressed with a responsive action plan the same day.

Existing reporting arrangements with their previous contract provider meant that it could take up to 43 days from the initial logging of an issue, to responsive action being taken.

“Reactive and retrospective reporting was something that Barclays knew they had to avoid if they were to successfully outsource all of their global facilities management,” explained Mark Brown, IT Director at ISS Facility Services.

ISS needed to identify a data preparation and management specialist with the skills and expertise to engineer a cutting-edge software solution that could be rolled out rapidly on a global scale.


We set up a dedicated project delivery team that comprised four of our specialists and five ISS members who, collectively, had the knowledge and expertise to engineer a solution that would meet the brief at hand.

Our specialists rapidly set to work on designing a solution architecture that:

  • Met Barclays’ requirements
  • Was adaptable for future clients
  • Enabled ISS to monitor trends common to many clients or relating to a specific client


Our experts were able to quickly adapt to on-going changes, which meant Barclays’ initial implementation took place in just six weeks. What’s more, within eight weeks, two countries had already gone live.


More than 90,000 calls have so far been handled and data is refreshed every two hours, giving the customer the latest, global view of delivery.

None of this would have been possible without our Data Academy development platform, which provides a productised data preparation and warehouse solution that enhances Microsoft SQL server. It is precision engineered to prepare complex data from any source, integrate with any system or reporting tool, and meet any local requirement while being completely maintainable.

Data Academy’s powerful productisation capability enabled ISS to meet Barclay’s needs faster and offer a highly competitive solution.

ISS was able to take a product strategy approach rather than creating a bespoke solution for Barclays and, as such, were ultimately able to:

  • Develop its performance management tool, In-sight@ISS, as a commercial product specifically tailored for the facilities management sector
  • Lead the industry, thanks to the immediate, online and interactive nature of In-sight@ISS
  • Roll the solution out to other ISS clients, giving them the competitive edge

“A challenge of this magnitude could not have been completed in the timeframe without Data Academy,” added Mark.

“It would have required six times as many people and it would therefore have been extremely difficult to manage the many parallel work streams required to complete the project, in an efficient way.”