How we provided FCA Automotive Services with a customer-centric view of its data


FCA Automotive Services provides financial products for the purchasing and leasing of cars across approximately 200 dealerships.


Fiat Auto Financial Services needed to prevent its customer base from being continually depleted. The new names being added to its system were simply replacing customers who had left, resulting in a numerically stagnant customer base.

The client decided to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to improve its customer services. It needed an appropriate data warehousing tool that could:

  • Convert its data to a customer-centric data model
  • Have an internal database on which Fiat could build its own reports
  • Feed data accurately from its original database into its remote data source


We recommended a data warehousing solution that was based on our Data Academy development platform that would enable the integration of databases from remote sources and ultimately enable Fiat to build reports based on the integrated data.

Data Academy is based on Microsoft® SQL Server™ and .NET technologies. It was developed specifically to supplement the full capabilities of SQL Server with out-of-the-box functionality to assist in the rapid development of data warehouses.

“What was appropriate about the Data Academy solution was that it matched well with the way we would have done it ourselves; using SQL Server and managing our own data transformation”, explained Fiat’s IT Director, Pieter-Paul Barker.

“We also liked the fact that we could see how the system was architecturally working and how it was put together, but wouldn’t have to manually maintain it.”