CDS Plus (Covering CDS and ECDS)


Production of statutory returns is a complex and repetitive function which needs to be performed on a more and more regular basis. This task can be a very time consuming and resource-intensive.

The CDS Plus module provides a totally automated method by which to provide statutory returns. Due to the fully audited and automated processes, a trust can generate CDS returns at whatever frequency it requires, even if that is daily. So changes to the frequency by which returns have to be submitted, or whether the submission is bulk or net change are all covered by CDS Plus.

Furthermore, it enables the production of dummy returns at any time, to enable a trust to manage and adjust its position throughout the period, rather than in a rush at period end.

CDS Plus can run as a standalone module taking data from any suitable source, or preferably, can plug directly on to the Health Data Enterprise UDL, which provides a clean and certified data source, irrespective of the original source systems. Combined with functionality such as data lineage and a fully documented data dictionary, it provides a fully managed CDS returns solution, to meet all requirements, now and in the future.