Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Solutions


A dilemma for many organisations is whether to go to cloud, continue with on-premise, or adopt a hybrid strategy.

This decision is not just about hardware infrastructure. Using Microsoft SQL Server based data management solutions, the decisions made around this can be far reaching as there are significant software implications. The ideal solution is one that best fits your business and not one that necessarily follows your current technology strategy, and as your business requirements change so may your technology strategy and requirements.

Unlike conventional development approaches for designing and deploying Enterprise Data Management Solutions, Data Academy® removes the need to define in advance where the application will be hosted.

Any data management application developed using Data Academy will work in SQL Server on-premise, in SQL Server Azure Cloud or in a SQL Server Azure virtual machine. No decision has to be made in haste, applications can be ported in and out of the cloud as needs and requirements change, without any changes to any of the software code.

Clients who have been using Data Academy for many years, well before cloud was a commercial option, can easily move their applications into the cloud without any issues or implications, even though the application may have been designed and developed many years previously for on-premise deployment.