The Logistix Portal


The Logistix portals are provided to inform and share.


Our products go through a continuous cycle of development and all current and historic releases are available from the product download sections together with release notes and feature guides.

The Logistix Portals will enable you to easily find all the information and resources that you require. Hundreds of articles exist in the Wikis and Knowledge Bases to help you achieve your successful design and configuration of your systems as information videos on our YouTube channels.


Community developed modules can be shared on the sites. If you have developed something you would like to share, then you can upload your code to the Truck Stop repository for others to download.

Forums and Blogs that allow you to interact with the user community and the development teams; ask questions and share ideas, propose new features and seek advice from other users.

If you would like access to the Logistix Portal, speak to your contact at Insource or get in touch through the Contact Us page.


What Does Each Logistix Portal Have?


Product Downloads
The installation sets for the latest software versions are available on this page.
Current install sets are organised by major release versions and SQL platforms.
Archives contain earlier versions for each SQL Platform type.

This is your getting started and user guides. 

Knowledge Base
If you have a query about how to make something work, then the knowledge base will be a good place to start as it contains many articles that answer design questions and other operational queries.

Articles about the products are published here for download. This includes supporting information, white papers, check lists, forms and in depth articles.

The Truck-Stop is the place to share content.
This could be reports, cube definitions, custom business rules, additional content, data-apps.
Whatever you've created in the technology platform and want to share, here's the place to go to post it, and find it.

Our technology platforms allow you to create whole applications that can be packaged up into products. Share the products here and use Data Academy Product Manager to create an installer for deployment to other installations.

The forum is an open area for discussion.
There are forum categories for Tips and Suggestions or anything else. This is a collaboration area.

Need some help or you have a great idea, then use one of the email templates to contact us. The more detail you provide, the more we will be able to help.

News & Events
Catch up on the latest news regarding our products. Find out where and when the next events will be taking place. Events such as our user forums or training courses are great places to meet other users.

Dev Team Blog
An area for our development team to occasionally post things that they find of interest about our products, designing them, SQL, development technologies or even something completely off-topic! See what makes them tick.

Want to find out more about our products? See our YouTube videos, LinkedIn page, Webinars and corporate web site.


The Logistix Portals



Screen shot of the Data Academy Logistix Portal home page

Click here to access the site if you have been granted access to the
Logistix Portal for Data Academy




Screen shot of the Health Data Enterprise Logistix Portal home page

Click here to access the site If you have been granted access to the
Logistix Portal for Health Data Enterprise



Screen shot of the Patient Pathway Plus Logistix Portal home page

Click here to access the site if you have been granted access to the
Logistix Portal for Patient Pathway Plus


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