Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on Elective Care


In recognition of the impact of COVID-19 on Elective Care, we are responding to Trusts concerns about the management of postponed elective care activity. We have been able to quickly add functionality to Patient Pathway Plus to equip Trusts to manage these challenges with ease removing the risk of patients getting lost in the system.

In alliance with client feedback we are pleased to make available a new module to enable organisations to safely and effectively expedite the rebooking of elective care activity impacted by COVID-19.




Managing postponed Elective Care 


Tracking the cancellation and re-booking of elective care appointments and procedures due to the COVID-19 virus is going to be a significant administrative challenge. It will not be possible to rely on emails, calls, paper and spreadsheets for the new urgent reporting to NHS Management. Being able to accurately track the re-booking of appointments and procedures, ensuring care for every patient reconvenes as soon as possible, will demand far more accurate data management.

The potential risk of some patients being ‘forgotten’ because a paper list or spreadsheet is misplaced is huge. Having absolute clarity on the impacted cohorts of patients that have had appointments and procedures cancelled to inform capacity and demand planning and re-booking will be critical.


What does this module offer?

It ensures that a distinct, trackable and auditable record of cancelled appointments and rebooking activity is securely managed and maintained.

Booking Dashboard

What are the benefits to you and your patients? 


View at a glance all cancelled appointments and procedures resulting from COVID-19


Filter by specialty, original wait time, activity type (Procedure/OP Appointment), number of days elapsed since cancellation etc


Integrated workflow and task management to enable robust and auditable tracking activity


Export on-demand status reports for the Board, Executives and the Centre


Add events in Patient Pathway Plus indicating when COVID-19 specific cancellation and re-booking activity takes place which is reflected in the dashboard


Threshold indicator to identify re-booking time outliers by elapsed period


Who will benefit? 






Booking & Scheduling


Specialty/ops managers


RTT Managers


Patient access




How can we get access?

Existing Clients:

As an existing user of Patient Pathway Plus, the functionality and configuration guidelines will be made available via our customer portal to help you manage this challenge. We will help you implement the configuration as quickly as possible.

If you would like to express your interest in this update please contact your account manager who will be pleased to provide timescales and advice on next steps.

Alternatively drop us an email at


Not a client?

If you do not use Patient Pathway Plus to help manage your tracking and validation of Elective Care Pathways and would value some assistance, please get in touch. 
Simply email

At Insource we are offering all NHS organisations the opportunity to utilise core functionality of Patient Pathway Plus to help you to manage and track your impacted elective care patient pathways effectively through this crisis.

In addition, we are in a position to offer support to address other challenges being faced:

Please get in touch if any of these match your current priorities or concerns so that we can discuss your needs further and establish how we can assist.

Staffing & Resources
(Business Continuity)

Supplementing teams with expert Administrative/back office resources that can work remotely and securely via HSCN, particularly where an organisation may be redeploying staff into other roles and/or workforce gaps resulting from self-isolation.

  • Validation
  • Tracking
  • Reporting

Staffing to cover business continuity in areas such as:

  • Data Management
  • Reporting
  • Online training capability

Online e-learning training support

Referral to Treatment e-Learning training to support staff urgent re-deployment and role changes occurring due to the impact of COVID-19

Reporting (During and Post COVID-19)

COVID-19 Response dashboards and underlying functionality to enable simple, centralised and auditable tracking of patients and/or staff impacted by COVID-19, examples include:

  • Appointment and/or procedure cancellation and re-scheduling tracking and the ability to track the progress of re-booking by specialty

  • Tracking & Monitoring the testing of staff for COVID-19 to identify who has been tested and the outcome of that testing, presented in a clear dashboard with drill down capability to staff by department or function.


Capacity and demand modelling to illustrate efficient and safe re-scheduling of appointments and / or procedures in the future