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Get the Data Driven Web Application Framework foundation for success and the support to maintain it


Insource implementation support is ideal if you’re concerned about data reliability, are changing your reporting or are about to migrate operational systems.

We start by assessing your current situation, data requirements and goals, and then provide full support with the technical aspects of working with and configuring Insource products to meet your needs.

We also know that real life gets in the way of a good plan, so we help keep you aligned to your goals to get you fast results and a low total cost of ownership.


We offer two types of training. The first is for the technical teams who deliver data or MI solutions within their organisations. The second is for C-level executives and directors.

Our sessions de-mystify the available technology and help you appreciate the art of the possible – in business language you relate to. We also run briefings to board members and senior executives of our clients, to help you appreciate what you have invested in and to help you capitalise on its business value.


Your solution will meet your business needs at go-live, but without ongoing realignment you’ll have a growing gap between what the business requires and what the solution provides.

This is why our Lifetime Evolution and Enhancement Programme (LEEP) is important. It’s a flexible, proactive and reactive support service that keeps the integrity of your system in top condition, and ensures it aligns to your business needs as they evolve.

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