Data Academy - Data Warehouse Automation Edition


The Data Academy Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) Edition is designed to provide all the components necessary to be able to rapidly, efficiently and effectively build automated ETL processes for the presenting of relational reporting structures, and building Star Schemas and Analysis Services CUBES.

The Data Academy modules included in this edition are


LOAD-it/JAIL-it Automated generation of data extraction


STAR-CUBE-it Simplify the process of developing combined star schemas and cubes in a single module


STAR-it / CUBE-it Rapid development of isolated star schemas and cubes


CUBE-it LITE Extremely rapid production of relatively simple cubes


VIEW-it Managed views and semantic dictionaries that centralise the presentation of data and schemas


ORCHESTRATE-it Brings together modularised processes into an overarching orchestrated process


The DWA edition is designed to work with a clean and structured single data sources. As integral component of an overall data infrastructure, the data source would be a UDL.

Our philosophy on data design is that the data warehouse should not be where all the data refining, combining and preparation is undertaken. Better architectural design practices have all of that processing undertaken in the data preparation pre-stage, for which you would use the Data Academy Data Prep Edition.

Data Academy DWA inherits a huge level of functionality from Data Academy, such as data lineage and very importantly, inheritance 

A management and administration console is provided to allow operators to effectively monitor the ETL processes for activity and errors. 

The output from DWA edition is presented either as a reporting View, a relational star schema, or SQL Services Analysis Services Cubes.