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Bring Data Confidence to Your Business

Business intelligence and analytics tools will only take an organisation so far.

Without user confidence in the data, they’ll never deliver on their promises. In fact, accepted industry statistics state that 70% of data-related projects fail in some way.

We put you in the elite 30% who achieve successful data projects

Our data platforms give you confidence in your data, so your business can confidently make decisions and completely trust the information from all its data-dependent applications.

Our precision engineered Data Academy platform is at the heart of our corporate data solutions, with its  unique combination of data preparation, data warehouse automation, blueprinted design architectures and productisation capability. You also benefit from our data management expertise and comprehensive range of support services.

You’ll therefore be able to deliver enterprise data confidence to your business, within budget and timescales and with minimum risk. You’ll benefit from:

  • Reliable output from BI and analytics: all the data provided through these tools will come from a single source that’s trustworthy, corporately verified and consistent
  • Fast implementation: automation and blueprinted design architectures mean you avoid the pitfalls of manually building a data management solution
  • Exceptional governance and management control: comprehensive audit and management tools enable you to withstand the most rigorous scrutiny
  • Adaptability and scalability: give you flexibility to meet changing business requirements and embrace Big Data initiatives
  • Significantly lower project cost: extensive automation eliminates resource-intensive manual processes

Our clients span a wide range of industries, including the highly regulated finance and insurance sectors. The common denominator is their reliance on large volumes of complex data. This is where we thrive, and most others fear to go.

Learn more about our products, and request a demo to see how we’ll help you turn your data into a key business advantage.

Without Data Academy our project would have required 6 times as many people.’
Mark Brown, IT Director, ISS Facility Services

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