Turning Data Liabilities into Assets with Data Automation 

Technologies and solutions to alleviate complications and cost associated with complex data

We are all about data, specifically structured data that resides in multiple complex systems, which is of questionable quality, is expensive to deal with and challenging to derive value from.

To turn data into real assets, the cost to acquire and manage it needs to reduce. Therefore, to be truly all about data, you have to be dedicated to reducing the cost of acquiring, supporting and managing it. This is central to everything Insource does.

In order to reduce costs, the obvious solution is to replace the manual elements of data processing with automated processing. Unfortunately, the traditional approach to building data infrastructures and data pipelines from scratch and replace manual systems with automated systems is very expensive – with increased data complexity driving costs upwards.

This is where we come in, Insource strives to:


Automate the build and manufacture of data infrastructures, software systems and data pipelines


Automate the maintenance and the management of these systems


Automate the data that flows through them

We design, build and maintain enterprise scale data management solutions that are precision-built and highly engineered.

Our advanced automation and low code / no code development environments provide highly efficient development lifecycles and failsafe architectures to deliver higher quality, more functionally-rich systems that are more easily maintainable than is possible with conventional development technologies.

This enables organisations that rely on complex, disparate data (as is classic in healthcare) to use highly sophisticated software solutions, with all the necessary functionality to completely automate the gathering, managing and sharing of their data and information.

We are able to evidence, time and time again, a 10-fold increase of functionality in software systems developed using our technologies compared with using conventional technologies based on similar specifications, timescales and budgets.


Steve Aitken - Chairman

Talks about the innovation and importance of automation in effective data management.