Financial Services Technology

‘We’re now equipped to proactively make high-impact business decisions earlier.’

That’s what Mark Crawley, Head of Systems Development at Hannover Re said about our Data Academy solution.


BI and reporting tools struggle when data structures are complex, difficult to find or when deriving information isn’t as straightforward as 1+2=3. We’re talking when you have aged debtors, commission split calculations or stepped discounts or pricing. Or when you need to combine data from multiple systems, pivoting and unpivoting it to meet different reporting requirements – internally, for group HQ and for FCA, Sarbanes Oxley or Solvency II compliance.


In these cases, it’s surprisingly difficult to streamline everything into accurate reports that consistently cross-refer with others across the enterprise. We developed Data Academy to make it easy.


Data Academy is a best practice data preparation and warehouse platform that processes data from multiple sources and translates everything into the same language, so what you see in your reports can be traced back to one true source.


With clients ranging from Hannover Re and FCA Automotive Services UK Ltd to international group treasuries and hospital finance departments, we have a track record of success across a range of data types, compliance and reporting requirements.

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