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65% of Insource healthcare clients outperform their peers

It’s the great NHS conundrum – becoming ‘the safest, most caring and highest quality healthcare in the world’ (the Government’s current mission) when budgets and internal capacity are continually out of kilter with your enterprise data needs.

We help you solve this conundrum with data management solutions developed in partnership with healthcare providers.

Our data management solutions help you achieve more for less – and give you complete data confidence

Insource’s advanced technology plugs the gaps in conventionally developed data management systems, giving you the only 2 options that guarantee success:

  • A commercially available solution platform: configurable to meet your trusts’ needs
  • An automated development platform: empowering your own data and information professionals to deliver clinical-grade data solutions that are more robust, reliable and cost effective than it’s possible to achieve using manual and semi-automated techniques

Because Insource offer both these platforms, we’re unique in our ability to meet all healthcare data requirements.

Insource products currently process 8 million patients, 50 million outpatient appointments, 17 million inpatient episodes and 70 million A&E attendances. Learn why providers across the UK have turned to Insource to boost productivity, streamline processes and support better patient care.

‘Insource just know what they’re doing, they know so much about data and the NHS, they’re really easy to work with, and you learn from what they know.’
Mike Sheel, IM Manager, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust


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