Specialists in Healthcare Solutions, and Cross Industry Data Automation Technologies

Our Markets

We specialise in healthcare, which has some of the most difficult data challenges any industry can face, and thus required a more ground-breaking and innovative approach to data management. That does not mean that all other industries should not benefit from the same innovation that we have applied to resolve healthcare data management issues.

Through addressing the challenges of healthcare data from a generic perspective, we have developed universal leading edge data management technologies, which are of equal value and benefit to other industries.

Proven in healthcare, these are equally applicable and effective in any data environment in any industry, no matter how difficult or simple the challenges are. These technologies are our Data Academy® platforms that work in unison with Microsoft SQL Server and create automated data solutions.

Using our Data Academy® technologies we have developed a range of healthcare-specific solutions and our Health Data Enterprise (HDE) platform. The effectiveness and success of Health Data Enterprise is testament to the capabilities of the underlying Data Academy ®.

Therefore, in addition to our long-established foundation in healthcare, we also provide the same technology platforms to any industry, either direct to clients who wish to develop their own specific solution or through vertical market specialist partners to provide configurable industry-specific variants to address any vertical market.