Data Solutions for Public and Private Sectors


Data Academy ® is the perfect platform on which to build a data management solution for any organisation with complex and disparate data, which needs flexibility for its solution to expand in line with business demands.

Data infrastructure solution examples:

Small, single-instance data infrastructure

Data Academy enables a fully functioning, flexible, automated data management solution with unprecedented capability and time to value to be delivered rapidly, to address smaller requirements cost-effectively.

Enterprise scale, single instance data infrastructure

Large enterprise solutions are of a scale and complexity that they are developed and deployed over a number of months and they continue to evolve over many years. These projects require phased and incremental roll out plans with each incremental element delivering immediate value and very short term return on each phase of investment. Data Academy enables rapid delivery of data assets throughout every stage of a project. It therefore removes a key obstacle often encountered in data management projects when they are unable to deliver any value until completion.

Enterprise scale, multi-instance data infrastructure

Typically for larger, multi-site organisational structures. A single solution is developed and managed centrally and deployed into multiple locations where it is locally configured to meet local needs. The core code at the heart of Data Academy respects all local configuration, which means that upgrades, extensions and expansions can be deployed simply, without needing to revisit any locally-configured elements. Data Academy enables each location to generate a ‘Unified Data Layer’ of identical structures, meaning that centralised, automated, rolled-up reporting to head office or regional offices is easily achieved.