The Insource Approach to Openness and Collaboration Through Software Design 

In the words of our CEO - Steve Aitken

Insource are exponents of software engineering to create robust software solutions. We are at the forefront of the technology that underpins automated enterprise data management solutions and platforms. Our development technologies, based on Data Academy® have been designed over many years to take the complexity out of the design and build of open systems. This has enabled us to deliver vertical market solutions built on open systems and open architectures for the NHS and the wider healthcare industry.


We believe that solutions should not be “black box” or fixed format, preventing clients from adapting them to fit their business.


We believe that software should adapt to the organisation they support, rather than vice versa.


We believe that clients should be empowered to make changes, small (e.g. modification of a business rule) or large (e.g. development of a complete module or a full application), without forced recourse back to the software supplier.


We believe that software should be easy to use, ergonomic in design and be used by end users and not just IT people


Successful software is more than great software, to deliver true value requires supporting services to embed, and achieve adoption, not just at implementation but for its full lifecycle deployment

The ability to create solutions that actually support this philosophy is highly dependent on the overall design and underlying technology. We not only support the ideas and concepts of open systems and collaboration through our technology platforms Data Academy® and our solution platforms, Health Data Enterprise (HDE) ™ - we make it a reality.

All our healthcare-specific solutions have been designed and built using the state of the art automation technologies, common standards, open systems and architectures inherent in Data Academy®. Disparate data is brought together under a common standard, allowing healthcare organisations to collaborate more effectively through easy sharing of data.

Furthermore our solutions for the NHS are designed to create economies of scale through ecosystems, facilitated by product-specific community websites that enable hassle free sharing of code, system, ideas, API’s and building blocks to provide true collaboration. Any software component generated by one trust or software development partner can be used by any number of trusts in true enterprise-wide solutions.

Supported by a wealth of support services delivered by Insource, Insource group companies and partners ensures that the functionality you require delivers true value to your organisation.