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We provide the most advanced data management platform that gives you the power of your data.  Working with the best in the industry, our partnership programme is designed to help our customers maximise the potential of their data to improve system, service and patient outcomes.

We are constantly expanding our network of partners, if your solutions use data to deliver healthcare improvements, get in touch to see how we can work together. See below for some of our partner engagements.

Healthcare Solutions Partners

Our leading partnerships break data boundaries and deliver innovative solutions critical for effective data management and elective recovery.

From leading analytics providers such as Telstra UK, where our joint offering delivers a solution that gives command-level control of, and powerful insight into, accurate trust-wide or system-wide data for targeted elective care recovery – to innovative process mining provider Logan Tod & Co, that gives never-before-seen insight into the patient journey – our partnerships provide advanced solutions to today’s problems.

Systems Integrators 

Our outstanding data management platform and solution set underpins many larger SI-driven projects, and delivers trust-wide solutions, data quality improvements and unified data management across Integrated Care Systems and nationally.   Through partners such as Ernst & Young we expand our reach and give all our customers the ability to extract meaningful insights from their core data assets. If you wish to collaborate get in touch.

Technology Partners

At Insource we provide our customers with an evidence-based, strategic data platform that ensures data accuracy on which to base local, regional and national services. We automate and unify disparate data sources and data flows using powerful paralellel processing to provide the critical foundation for an interoperable NHS.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Azure licensed partner we aim to deploy the latest technologies to continue to help you unlock the power of your data and improve patient care.

We are DTAC compliant, our accreditations include:

At Insource we constantly strive for excellence and are proud of our achievements.  Below are some of them:

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