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A world-leading healthcare data management company

Insource helps healthcare organisations deliver world-class integrated patient care – by unifying disparate data to build trust-wide insight – despite the legacy systems infrastructure.  Our extensive range of elective recovery solutions and our advanced data management platform, with its exceptional Unified Data Layer (UDL), delivers unparalleled intelligence for informed trust-wide management, Integrated Care System (ICS) insight and partner solutions innovation.

Data experts required:

  • Waiting list validation
  • Waiting list validation team member
  • Data Migration
  • Information analyst
  • Business Intelligence

    Contractor Opportunities

    The accessibility of clean, consolidated data underpins all our solutions delivery, and we are continually evaluating new contract resources to fulfil our array of data quality, audit, and migration projects. Having met the high standards of HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) compliance can offer both on-site and remote working.  So, if your data and IT skills lie in any of our key territories and you would like to be included in our delivery teams, please get in touch with a summary of your latest projects at [email protected]

    We work with over 60 NHS Trusts and Health Boards

    Our full data quality services

    Our data quality services encompass the validation of trust-wide waiting lists, and if required full automation of waiting list reporting, as well as support for complex data migrations from clinical or diagnostic legacy systems that ensure secondary reporting continuity and complete operational management throughout the project.

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