Unique data management technology

At Insource we bring the power of data to your organisation. Our unique data management platform seamlessly delivers consolidated, validated, standardised, patient-level data from across multiple disparate clinical and administrative systems into a Unified Data Layer (UDL). This single source of the truth helps hospitals or ICSs manage their healthcare operations more effectively. With over 20 year’s healthcare expertise, our HDE platform delivers the robust and trustworthy foundation for our applications, dashboards, self-service-BI and reporting catalogue.

Data Academy is a unique software development platform that utilises advanced automation techniques to build bespoke, highly configurable data management solutions. It underpins all our solutions, providing a robust and performant environment into which organisations can entrust their valuable data assets.

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Encompassing the rich functionality of Data Academy, HDE brings ground-breaking data quality management by integrating any combination of PAS/EPR and clinical systems to provide a single source of structured, unified data on which to base key clinical, operation and strategic decisions.

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Our EDM solutions bring the power of Data Academy, and the trustworthy platform of HDE to deliver exceptional data management capabilities to multiple sectors including Housing, Property Management, Care Homes, Hospitality, Automotive and Financial.

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Insource data philosophy

Data decays, processes throughout the NHS become overly complex and multi-layered as we add new to old, and onsite technology becomes outdated and increasingly isolated.

At Insource, we believe data is the life blood of healthcare delivery. But that data must be reliable, accurate and easily accessible, if frontline staff are the be given complete information to deliver the best quality patient care.

We already live in a world of big data in today’s healthcare environments, and the volumes and complexity of that data are only set to increase. At Insource, no matter the volume or complexity, we aim to continue to make your data accessible, as single version of the truth, despite the disparate data formats and legacy infrastructure.

We bring the power of your data to your frontline operational management now. And by continuing to harness emergent technologies and marrying them with our powerful data management expertise, we aim to ensure all your core data will still be available for healthcare delivery in the future – no matter your system-wide architecture.

Our data layer is separate from the application layer, exactly as the NHS data strategy requires, and we will continue to ensure your consolidated data maintains its accuracy and consistency, even if your underlying systems change.

We are DTAC compliant, our accreditations include:

At Insource we constantly strive for excellence and are proud of our achievements.  Below are some of them:

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