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With over 20 years in healthcare data management, our proven data platform and solutions span an extensive elective care recovery suite, statutory reporting, analytics support, data quality and more. Our multiple installations across acute, community, mental health, specialty trusts, independent providers, as well as powerful partnerships all deliver innovative solutions that meet today’s data challenges. For some of our successes and solutions see below:

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Insource RTT and Cancer eLearning – to boost staff performance and data accuracy

With the burgeoning backlogs we need a clear understanding of what’s in the waiting lists. With accurate waiting lists comes achievable capacity planning, effective resource utilisation and tighter financial management. Without accurate data we are working in the dark. Insource’s eLearning platform cuts through the jargon and provides solutions to understand and comply with Referral to Treatment (RTT) rules and Cancer Waiting Times guidance. We give all clinicians and booking staff the skills to ensure that patient pathways are recorded accurately and care continues without interruption.


Reports Catalogue – full CDS and statutory returns suite for diverse care settings

At Insource, data is at the core of everything we do. We are experts in data management and reporting solutions that support our customers across diverse healthcare settings. Data has become the lifeblood of NHS management and with it an increasing number of mandatory reports. We help NHS trusts, health boards, independent providers, and ICSs acquire, validate, and unify data automatically for daily operational management, in-depth analytics, and central reporting. Our extensive range of reports is tailored to the specific needs of individual healthcare organisations and evolves as NHS requirements develop. 

Health Data Enterprise

Health Data Enterprise – a powerful healthcare data management platform

Insource’s data management platform, Health Data Enterprise (HDE), is a digital platform designed to automate data processing, manipulation, and data consolidation. It enables teams to focus on harnessing the power of their disparate data, extracting invaluable insights, and making confident decisions that improve healthcare delivery.


X-Series – the next generation data management platform

Foundational to the full Insource portfolio, the X-Series platform provides significantly enhanced performance and supports hybrid cloud environments. X-Series maximises the performance of 2016+ versions of SQL server, facilitates parallel processing for enhanced speed and the handling of vast data volumes, and exploits the capabilities of Microsoft Azure for hybrid cloud deployments.

Managed Services

Managed Services – for hospitals, specialty trusts or independent providers

Insource offer the full span of our data management solutions, honed against the specific needs of the acute hospital, specialty trust, community or independent provider, as a managed service. Our most popular services Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Reporting-as-a-Service (RaaS) provide all the operational data management and reporting expertise of larger organisations as a packaged service, so smaller providers can deliver the same level of proficiency without the investment in technology or skilled manpower.

Data Validation

Gooroo Planner – advanced demand forecasting and capacity planning

Gooroo Planner is an advanced online tool for demand forecasting and capacity planning, designed to turn planning into an automated utility. From regular operational and annual planning, to advanced whole-hospital and system-wide optimisations, Gooroo Planner makes light work of the most difficult planning tasks.

Data Validation

Patient Pathway Plus – a complete waiting list management solution

Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) is a powerful waiting list management solution that helps boost elective recovery. PP+ delivers validated data and patient tracking lists for RTT, Non-RTT and cancer patients daily, enabling healthcare organisations to confidently manage all their elective care pathways in a single solution.

Data Validation

Data Validation data sheet – data quality and
waiting list validation services

Insource Teams provide data quality and waiting list validation services to healthcare organisations. With over 20 year’s expertise, we can validate all waiting lists from RTT, stage of treatment, cancer, and diagnostic waiting times to give you an accurate foundation on which to deploy stretched resources, set achievable capacity planning targets, ensure efficient financial management and above all improve patient care.

Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Case study

Royal Papworth builds data confidence with elective care management solution. Insource PP+ reduces waiting list and patient pathway errors, automates data collection, consolidation, and validation, and streamlines RTT PTL reporting. Operational staff have now taken ownership of data accuracy at input and Royal Papworth have a single version of the truth of the PTL across the trust and the Board now have data confidence.

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