A Modular Enterprise Data Management Solution for Healthcare.


Health Data Enterprise is a highly configurable enterprise scale data management solution for Healthcare. Integrates with any combination of PAS/EPR or clinical systems from which it consumes data and presents it as a single source of prepared, cleansed and structured unified data.

With an extensive range of data applications Health Data Enterprise is an essential complementary and symbiotic solution platform that co-exists alongside a trust’s main PAS/EPR system.

Health Data Enterprise is built and maintained using the Data Academy Data Operating System

The end-to-end process of consuming data from source systems and presenting it in the Unified Data layer (UDL) is totally automated. This process deals with thousands of data types consisting of billions of individual data items.

Additionally Health Data Enterprise Applications use this prepared and certified data in ways that are highly relevant to healthcare organisations that provide valuable and insightful information, as well as to systems that process data for ongoing use.

All of this capability provided by Health Data Enterprise is not able to be delivered effectively by the PAS, EPR or clinical systems and Health Data Enterprise is an essential complementary solution platform that co-exists alongside a trust’s main PAS/EPR system.

With the capability to configure to exacting requirements and specific nuances, expandable and customisable to meet all structured data processing requirements and operating in a totally automated mode, it is able to provide massive improvements in data quality and data processing. This improves efficiency, provides regulatory conformance, reduces costs and provides outputs and information that hospital staff can act on to improve the hospital’s performance and provide for better patient care at lower costs.

There are no better data management products in the world today built for healthcare than those built by Insource. We are unique in being able to offer this level of out-of-the box functionality and time to value, while providing in-product levels of individual configuration and customisation to meet the most exacting requirements.

Health Data Enterprise has three main components:

The Enterprise Data Framework (EDF)

The EDF manages everything relating to data preparation.

The EDF connects to all source applications that contain data an organisation wishes to have unfettered access to.

The EDF is a highly sophisticated enterprise scale data preparation engine that contains rules engines, data quality modules, complex data handling and data management components, to bring together at an enterprise level a set of unified data derived from the data that resides in a trust’s clinical and clinically related operational systems.

The output is a single trusted source of data, totally managed, referenced and auditable. This data is presented in the Unified Data Layer and is the single source of trusted data for all ongoing data requirements. Underpinning the product is the application development platform (Data Academy). This embedded technology provides for a fully configurable, fully automated, fully managed, infinitely expandable enterprise data solution platform. This provides functionality and flexibility beyond any other healthcare data management product on the market today. The whole is encapsulated in a fully automated set of processes that require zero human intervention to produce current, accurate data in a timely manner.

The Applications Layer (Apps layer)

This is where the prepared data is put to use, where the value is derived by using the data for many and varied uses by each of the applications.

The Apps, which form part of the Applications layer, are a suite of integrated and synchronised healthcare-specific modules connected to and synchronised with the UDL.

These provide a wide range of functionality and range from:


Data warehouses


Data marts


Structured data sets


Patient and hospital management applications


Data handling applications


Statutory and non-statutory return data submission modules

Heath Data Enterprise Expansion Module

No data management product will cover every aspect of an organisation’s requirements in relation to the width of data and the requirements for that data as an off-the-shelf-product.

Therefore a core design feature for Health Data Enterprise was that it would not be a fixed format product suite, it needed to be able to change, adapt and grow throughout the whole of its lifecycle and not just at implementation. It also needed to be expandable beyond the boundaries of the core product.

The underlying technology of Health Data Enterprise is the Data Academy Data Operating System. The combination of two Data Academy Core components; the Data Academy Builder and the Data Academy Designer have been combined together to create the Health Data Enterprise Expansion Module.

This Health Data Enterprise expansion module provides the ability to undertake unprecedented levels of local configuration within the boundaries of the Health Data Enterprise suite in order to meet the most exacting needs demanded by a client.

Additionally the expansion module will allow for unlimited expansion of Health Data Enterprise beyond the core product. Allowing for the addition of elements such as data sources, data fields, business rules as well as data content and structure within the UDL.

Furthermore the expansion module enables the same level of capability for the applications in the Health Data Enterprise Applications Layer as well as the capability to create new applications.