Insource Teams are delighted to announce that we are one of seven providers that have been awarded a national framework for the provision of Data Validation Services by The Countess of Chester Hospital Commercial Procurement Services (COCH-CPS).

Through the framework, NHS organisations can access highly specialised support to improve the quality of data held in PAS/EPR systems, validate RTT and Non RTT waiting list data to understand the full size of the elective care backlog and enable clean data transference and full reporting continuity during the process of migrating from a legacy patient administration system (PAS) to a modern electronic patient record (EPR) system.

Benefits of the national framework

As a foundational provider on this national framework, NHS organisations looking for Data Validation Services should be doubly reassured that in becoming an approved supplier, Insource Teams have met high quality standards including HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) compliance for remote services delivery:

Further benefits of the framework for NHS organisations include:

  • Providing assurance to the Board, CCGs and patients of the accuracy of
    patient data
  • Supporting RTT and other patient access standards
  • Improving patient data quality held in the EPR
  • Supporting the optimal use of a new EPR from implementation
  • Ensuring reporting continuity during any data migration process
  • Ensuring effective transfer of knowledge helping to develop in-house central
    validation and booking teams expertise

Graham Bennett, Managing Director at Insource Teams said: “We’re really proud to have become an approved supplier on this framework. Data validation services are an extremely important enabler of elective care recovery, particularly in validating the exact content of waiting list backlogs, and I’m very much looking forward to contributing to the success of the framework, and ultimately working with new NHS partners to bring sustainable improvements through a value for money and technically expert service.”

Andy O’Connor, Director of Commercial Procurement Services at COCH-CPS said, “We put this framework in place to help the NHS improve the quality of patient data held, and how this is managed. We’ve selected the leading specialists to help NHS organisations provide assurance to their Boards, their commissioners and most importantly their patients that data is working to deliver better outcomes.”

Data validation services from Insource Teams

Data Validation and Migration Services from Insource Teams have supported multiple trusts with improving their data quality through carefully considered operational changes coupled with ‘smart’ data validation and correcting hundreds of thousands of records across various patient administration and waiting list management systems.

At Insource Teams we are passionate about improving patient outcomes. We are experts in pathway validations and waiting list optimisations of all data – RTT elective, non RTT elective, Cancer pathways, Follow Ups and more. Poor data quality can result in wasted time, resources, less patients being treated, and perhaps more importantly patient follow ups missed. Validating your lists before developing recovery plans is essential.

Complete data validation service

We offer a secure, remote validation service delivered through our highly skilled teams. Our proven track record of providing extremely accurate data quality audits and validation services lies in our embedded Insource Patient Pathway Plus technology. It is with this we can offer an additional, technology-based, managed service solution for long-term data confidence and sustainability.

We provide temporary and interim experienced teams, and team leaders with over 30 years’ experience, to deliver a complete data quality service for UK healthcare encompassing:

  • RTT/PTL Waiting List data validation and optimisation
  • Cancer waiting list validation and optimisation
  • Day Care, Inpatient and Outpatient Follow-ups validation
  • Waiting list data audits and recommendations
  • Clinical systems data migration and reporting continuity

100% system continuity during migrations

With the proliferation of mergers in the NHS today and the vital need to utilise the latest systems to meet the increasing data and digital demands of the DHSC Data Strategy, Trusts must still ensure operational continuity during any major change. Insource Teams is one of the leading data migration service providers to the NHS. Our teams are experts in their field and have significant experience of data migration for a range of clinical systems.

At Insource Teams we have vast experience assisting clients to migrate from legacy to new clinical systems for:

  • Digital Pathology
  • Community systems
  • Mental Health systems
  • ICS regions – migrations in line with regional strategies

We hold an enviable record of 100% success rate of ensuring all system migrations maintain reporting continuity pre, during and post migration – which is essential to maintain seamless patient care throughout the transition.

Our team is looking forward to forging new partnerships within the NHS, supporting their transition to modern EPR systems, validating elective care backlogs, and providing expert advice on data quality and clinical audits.

If you’re an NHS Trust looking to migrate from a legacy PAS to a modern EPR system or require more information, get in touch with Graham Bennett at Insource Teams or [email protected] or contact The Countess of Chester Hospital Commercial Procurement Services at [email protected].