Gooroo Planner has always allowed you to share your Reports with colleagues. Now we have upgraded report sharing, to give you greater control over how your reports are used, and to support multi-user collaboration across your organisation.

You can find video tutorials of sharing in our video section.

As before, you can share a Report by clicking the Share icon beside that report, or by going into the Share manager (from the main Planner menu) and sharing the report from there. In the sharing screen, you will see two new tick-boxes and this is what they do:


The first tick-box is “Allow them to edit your copy of this report”, and this enables multi-user collaboration on a single Report.

For instance, let’s say you are preparing your plans for the coming financial year. Corporate information analysts have prepared a single Report covering every specialty in the Trust, and now it is for general managers to check over the specialties they are responsible for. So you tick the box to allow users to edit the report. Now any recipient with a Professional licence can use the Editing screen to change things like their performance assumptions and targets, and use the Profiling screen to adjust activity week by week around winter peaks and holidays. When they save their changes, they are saved back to the original report, and everyone else who is sharing the report can see those changes immediately.

Alternatively you might not want other people to muck about with your report, and then you might untick this box to stop others from editing it. (As the owner of the report, of course, you can still change it as much as you like.)


The second tick-box is “Allow them to make their own copy of this report”, and this allows you to control the onward use of your report.

If you tick the box to allow copying, then the people you are sharing it with can make a local copy of their own; they can edit this copy (if they have a Professional licence) and share with others, as if they had created it themselves.

If you untick the box, then they can still open the report, but they can’t make a local copy for themselves.

Both together

Taken together, those two tick-boxes give you a lot of control over your report sharing. If you want to collaborate with colleagues, but don’t want copies of your report to proliferate around the organisation, then you can allow editing but disallow copying.

Or, if you want to preserve your top copy but allow colleagues to do their own tweaking and tinkering independently, then you can disallow editing but allow copying.

Or you can let them tinker with a copy privately and then reflect their final changes in the master report, in which case you would allow both editing and copying.

Or you might want them just to look at it, and nothing else, in which case you can untick both options.

Now that’s better than emailing round version 7 of a 5MB planning spreadsheet for comments, isn’t it?