Data Management Solutions for Health

Cube-it Zero

The free and easy to use Cube builder. CUBE-it Zero, delivers fully functional OLAP cubes which need not be SQL Server based, that do not require the foundation of a data warehouse. Start your personal or professional BI journey here.



We provide a range of courses that equip users, developers and administrators with the skills necessary to enable them to get the most out of an Insource Enterprise Data Management solution.

PAS / EPR Migration

Insource helps trusts achieve continuity of Statutory Reporting, RTT and CDS submissions throughout PAS/EPR migrations. Ultimately Simplifying the process; reducing risk for the trust and guaranteeing Business as Usual reporting from day one.

i-MECS: Managing Elective Care Pathways

i-MECS is an application for managing Elective Care pathways and RTT efficiently, through automation of processes, reporting and workflow.