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Insource data management software product platforms are created specifically for organisations that rely on volumes of complex data, and need to achieve results from data-related projects within predictable budgets and timescales.

We offer 2 types of product designed to overcome your data management challenges:

Sophisticated Data Management Development Platforms: achieve guaranteed success in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of a data management solution – at the lowest cost and with the least risk

Market-specific Data Management Solutions: we used our development platforms to create pre-built solution platforms for healthcare – they manage some of the world’s most complex data and empower organisations to achieve new levels of efficiency

Whatever your industry or challenge, we’ll enable you to create elegant, robust solutions that deliver efficiency gains beyond what’s possible using traditional approaches to data management.


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Exposed: The Secrets of Successful Data Management – 05/10/2016  – Webinar

There’s been an important data warehousing or business intelligence initiative in response to a key business need. It was time and resource intensive. After deployment, there’s a niggling sense of frustration

Only 30% of data-related projects succeed, and you’ll learn why in this 50-minute webinar.

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