Data Management Solutions for Health

Cube-it Zero

The free and easy to use Cube builder. CUBE-it Zero, delivers fully functional OLAP cubes which need not be SQL Server based, that do not require the foundation of a data warehouse. Start your personal or professional BI journey here.


New Events Schedule

New events schedule for Summer to Winter 2015, join us to take back control of your patient pathways. Follow the link below to find an event in your region.

PAS / EPR Migration

Insource helps trusts achieve continuity of Statutory Reporting, RTT and CDS submissions throughout PAS/EPR migrations. Ultimately Simplifying the process; reducing risk for the trust and guaranteeing Business as Usual reporting from day one.

i-MECS: Managing Elective Care Pathways

i-MECS is an application for managing Elective Care pathways and RTT efficiently, through automation of processes, reporting and workflow.