With the burgeoning backlogs the need for a clear understanding of what’s in the waiting lists becomes crucial. With accurate waiting lists comes achievable capacity planning, resource utilisation and tighter financial management.

At Insource we have a full suite of solutions to aid elective recovery, but fundamental are our 18 Week RTT and Cancer Waiting Times eLearning programs. These on-demand e-learning resources help all who touch a patient pathway to recognise the detailed data entry needed and help them understand the impact a simple error can have on the whole patient care process where treatment delays and inappropriate clock stops can cause potential harm.

Lack of education across the workforce can result in clinical harm, but poor data quality across waiting lists results in wasted clinic slots that could be used by others. These on demand e-learning courses can be fitted into busy work schedules and are CPD accredited to ensure a recognised standard of training across the hospital. And with higher accuracy data entry, the work of pathway data validators is significantly reduced. Insource eLearning also facilitates any trust-wide GIRFT (Getting it Right First Time) initiatives.

Our existing modules can also be fully customized against individual SOPs for each Trust, Cancer Alliance, or Health Board. And as Covid has meant more NHS staff having to take up new roles at short notice, the Insource e-learning modules can be easily deployed across a department or across a region. Online training also ensures that managers can have detailed staff progress information at their fingertips and can identify any gaps that need addressing.

With the current backlog the need to train and retrain staff on-demand has never been greater, which is why our 18Week RTT and Cancer Wait Times eLearning modules are now being brought closer into the Insource solutions portfolio. This fully integrated portfolio now includes eLearning, waiting list management and automated PTL reporting with Patient Pathway Plus, waiting list validation services, patient journey analytics and our full enterprise-wide data management platform (HDE) Health Data Enterprise.

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