L-R:  Steven Cobb, James Robinson, Dominic Dunn, and Matt Dorey

New starters and old hands birdied their way out of lockdown at the recent Royal Papworth Charity Golf Day. Bolstering the golf expertise in Insource, new starters James Robinson and Dominic Dunn were happy to pitch in to help the day go off smoothly. Insource stalwarts Steven Cobb, sales account manager, and Matt Dorey, data management team services manager, rounded off the team. We didn’t win but the team helped raise over ¬ £8,000 for charity.

Busier than ever despite lockdown

Supporting one of our long-standing customers, Royal Papworth NHS Foundation Trust, was a pleasure but it’s back to business now. In fact, even with lockdown, at Insource we’ve been busier than ever, and we’ve grown our team with the introduction of some very talented people across the business. James joins us as Solution Support Lead and Dominic (Dom) joins us in sales in the Midlands. One of our other new starters Matt Hedges, who couldn’t make the event, has skills in other directions obviously. Matt also joins us in sales in London and the Southeast.

Building a very experienced team

Matt and Dom together have over 35 years healthcare sales expertise across virtually all sectors – GPs, primary, secondary/acute, and tertiary care. Both have an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of NHS clinical software and data solutions, with Matt having a detailed understanding of GP practices, ICSs, and CCGs, whereas Dom brings a wealth of pathology/diagnostic systems expertise as well.

As Dominic mentioned, “The volume of data in the NHS has increased exponentially. We are now truly in an age of big data in healthcare, and data management is only going to get more critical. Insource is the NHS’s best kept secret. Insource is already providing a unified data layer (UDL), or single source of the truth – for acute, mental health, private and community hospitals – so is exceptionally well placed to underpin NHS England’s Data Strategy. And, for those trusts with a large legacy systems investment, Insource can bring data consolidation, validation and central reporting despite the disparate data formats.”

Matt Hedges adds, “With the onset of ICSs and the needs to merge systems, consolidate data and centralise reporting and intelligence for regional management of both health and care, Insource and it’s UDL is powerfully placed to help, with proven solutions that are already operational. It promises to be a very exciting time at Insource.”

Insource the gurus of data management

James Robinson completes this round with his BSc and MSc in IT, 20 years’ expertise in BI and data management solutions, including almost 10 years working directly with Insource products at CWP – Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and SWFT – South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. Having been an active part of the delivery function at Insource for the last two years as an independent consultant, James joins the team running with an in-depth knowledge of the products, customers and some excellent NHS working relationships.

As James concludes, “Insource are the gurus of data management, the market leaders of data warehousing techniques and experts in health, so it’s a no-brainer to join them at this very exciting time for NHS data management.”