Data Infrastructure and Data Warehouse Build

We are able to undertake a whole development project in its entirety, carrying out all development ourselves. Alternatively, we will equip a client’s in-house team to develop the system professionally themselves. The approach will be determined by circumstances, resources and preferences. In all circumstances, we offer a comprehensive range of support options.

Where we work with a client’s in-house team to jointly develop the system, we will transfer knowledge effectively in the process, for those clients who wish to continue to develop and support the system themselves as future business requirements come to light.

The scope and size of the project may influence the way in which the project is best undertaken, as could be the environment in which it is built. In all instances, we strongly recommend adopting the most professional and all-encompassing methodologies. This not only provides the most suitable development environment but also allows for a seamless transition into a live environment with the capability to enhance and expand functionality with ease throughout the system’s life span and is best addressed by adopting a DevOps development environment.


Data Infrastructure Audit

Example DevOps Implementation and flow / DSF Designed Solution