Foundational to the full Insource portfolio, the X-Series platform provides significantly enhanced performance and supports hybrid cloud environments

Insource Ltd, the UK’s leading data automation provider to the NHS, launches its next generation data management platform. X-Series maximises the performance of the 2016+ versions of SQL server, facilitates parallel processing for enhanced speed and the handling of vast data volumes, and fully exploits the capabilities of Microsoft Azure for hybrid cloud deployments. X-Series is foundational to the full Insource portfolio including Data Academy (DA), Health Data Enterprise (HDE) and Patient Pathway Plus (PP+). The X-Series platform gives organisations the extra power to access, consolidate and unlock the value of the vast quantities of disparate and dissimilar data from across the enterprise.

Data is fundamental to effective, evidence-based decision making. It underpins everything from major policy decisions to routine processes, and the accuracy of that data is paramount. Siloed data gives limited visibility. The X-series powering of the Insource solution sets gives users dynamic access to the full range of enterprise data to provide a single source of accurate, validated, unified data to make targeted, informed decisions.

As we move towards regional-reporting, shared waiting lists and ultimately ICSs, X-Series provides the latest performance capabilities of parallel processing of extraction and transformations to dramatically reduce processing time, responsiveness and throughput – to enable organisations to cope easily with the larger datasets.

X-Series solutions can be deployed on any combination of on-premise or cloud-based environments, to support a customer’s evolving needs. They will be instantly deployable on-premise or in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments without the need for special development or deployment considerations.

Insource CTO, Rob Davenport stated, “Insource has been helping customers unlock their data potential for years. The introduction of Microsoft’s Azure SQL managed instance and the expansion of the capability of Data Factory on the Azure platform will enable us to deliver the performance-enhanced X-Series on all cloud platforms. Using the X-Series platform, organisations can now extract greater value from their data assets in a very short time period, and soon using whatever cloud deployment technology they choose.”

In the NHS real-time data accessibility and trend reporting are becoming pressing needs for targeted decision-making. X-Series planned introductions include multi-speed data currency, where real-time meets near real-time, to deliver a rich and relevant mix of both types of information for immediate actions, trend analysis and forecasting. This not only enables more dynamic operational effectiveness but also opens the world for clinical data inclusion, enabling organisations to bring all their data together into one platform and truly start to harness the potential of data.

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Health Data Enterprise (HDE) is an enterprise-scale suite of data management solutions that helps solve critical data accuracy, consolidation, and automation issues. It provides an accurate data platform on which to base data management projects within Trusts and healthcare organisations, or across care boundaries. HDE integrates with any combination of PAS/EPR and clinical systems to collect, validate and consolidate data into a single version of the truth. HDE provides a single source of structured, unified data that gives organisations unfettered access to their fully validated data on which to base key clinical, operation and strategic decisions.

Patient Pathway Plus (PP+), a key elective care management application of HDE, can help reduce elective backlogs and avoid critical care breaches. PP+ gives Trusts a consolidated, accurate view of their waiting list backlog across all elective care, not just RTT, and across all specialities, showing the full scale of demand. Despite the Covid-backlogs PP+ can help Trusts plan their waiting list recovery and solve elective problems today.

Through automated data pipelines and a complex set of rules-based, data validation processes PP+ shows the precise status of electives waiting for treatment at any point in time. By incorporating clinical priorities, it allows the Board to plan and redeploy services against greatest need. Being a centralised digital hub, it is perfectly suited for workforces distributed across organisations and multiple locations, including those working remotely as a result of Covid restrictions. PP+ is fully expandable for capacity planning, demand management, cancer pathways, mental health, statutory returns, analytics modules and more.

Data Academy (DA) is a low-code/no-code software development platform that utilises software automation techniques to develop enterprise grade data management solutions. Supported by an architectural design methodology and a software engineering and management facility, Data Academy is used to build (bespoke or productised) highly configurable Microsoft SQL Server based data management solutions more efficiently than using conventional development methods

About Insource

Insource is the UK’s leading data management and automation solutions provider to the NHS. With more than 20 years’ expertise, a wide range of Trusts and NHS organisations rely on the Insource suite of technologies to deliver an accurate data foundation and improved data flows, on which to base process improvements and operational efficiencies that save money and improve patient care.

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