Ready to kill the spreadsheets, eliminate the backlogs and reduce health inequalities?

Insource Ltd, the UK’s leading data management experts to the NHS, signs a Collaborative Partnership agreement with Logan Tod & Co, a UK company that brings powerful analytics expertise by harnessing data, AI and digital enablers to extract valuable insights from core data. This collaborative best-of-breed partnership enables NHS organisations to extract value from all their existing data to create relevant, critical insights to improve patient outcomes, reduce backlogs and address health inequalities.

Many NHS organisations are having to manage elective care on spreadsheet-based tools, with their inherent manual input errors and coding discrepancies, which makes it very difficult to maintain good quality data. Insource Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) replaces ALL spreadsheets by automating data consolidation and validation between source systems to provide an accurate, unified and consistent data foundation.

The Insource/Logan Tod partnership enables hospitals, Cancer Alliances and ICSs to access all their existing core data, ensure its accuracy and develop patient-centric insights for an elective care recovery that is fair and equitable for every patient.

The Logan Tod team also brings significant operational expertise to engage, coach and develop new ways of working, to accelerate elective recovery and empower collaboration across individuals at the frontline, local and regional teams, and multiple organisations.

Additionally, the newly acquired Gooroo Ltd advanced capacity planning and beds planning tools will provide targeted forward planning for operational teams. This agile toolset works with today’s exigent waiting list data not on assumptive data that is two years old

Together, our collaborative offering will provide assurance to the leadership, modern digital tools to the operational teams, and powerful insights to all, that are timely, relevant and actionable.

A strong advocate for digitally enabled health and care, Qian Huang, Chief Impact Officer & Co Founder, at Logan Tod explains; “Harnessing the power of data for the benefit of social good is at the heart of what we do. Our aim is to empower NHS organisations to improve the lives of the people they serve. With Insource we find a like-minded company driven by the same values.

“The waiting list challenge facing the NHS requires fresh thinking and new approaches to reduce the anxiety and suffering of patients. Our collaborative offers just that, a solution that enables NHS organisations to truly understand their backlog, generate the right impact for their patients and workforce, and free up valuable clinical time previously spent on manual data capture and management.”

Sam Elliott, CEO at Insource, confirms, “The partnership with Logan Tod demonstrates our commitment to delivering the solutions that are needed today and that provide the platform for the future. We all know the NHS is data-rich but intelligence-poor. With our joint approach we plan to make this accurate, unified data accessible to NHS organisations so they can plan their recovery and reduce the huge backlogs across the system.

“Logan Tod’s expertise is undisputed and they are strong advocates, through platforms like the FuturesNHS and AnalystX, of modernising data and analytics as a profession. Their work with NHS England has proved invaluable in helping organisations across the NHS and in ICSs to challenge current ways of thinking and working. We welcome this collaborative partnership as we both strive to address the very modern challenges of a digital NHS, whose ultimate aim is to improve patient care through evidenced-based decision making.”

About Logan Tod
Logan Tod & Co is a ‘profit with a purpose’ business staffed by passionate, experienced, creative, committed people who are driven to make the world a better place. The company is owned by its employees, like John Lewis, and will become a certified B Corp. It is a new kind of business that balances purpose with profit and is legally required to consider the impact of decisions on staff, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Logan Tod brings together passionate and committed people to use applied analytics, technology and digital capabilities to improve outcomes for patients and vulnerable customers.

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