Our long-established resourcing division is now called Insource Teams Ltd in line with the Insource plan for brand consolidation and solutions expansion across UK healthcare.

At Insource Teams we are passionate about improving patient outcomes. We recognise hospitals may need our temporary resourcing teams to urgently address data quality backlog issues. But we also want to ensure those issues don’t return after project completion.

Insource Teams, the resourcing division of Insource Ltd, has invested significantly to secure additional resources to meet the current high demand for validation services. We offer a secure, remote validation service delivered through our highly skilled teams, to efficiently deliver projects critical to NHS Recovery plans. Our proven track record of providing extremely accurate data quality audits and validation services lies in our embedded Insource technology. It is with this we can offer a technology-based, managed service solution for long-term data confidence and sustainability.

Complete Data Validation Service

Insource Teams provides temporary and interim experienced teams to deliver a complete data quality service for UK healthcare encompassing:

  •  RTT/PTL Waiting List data validation and optimisation
  •  Cancer waiting list validation and optimisation
  •  Day Care, Inpatient and Outpatient Follow-ups validation
  •  Waiting list data audits and recommendations
  •  Clinical systems data migration and reporting continuity

Embedded into our resource-driven projects are the Insource data management software solutions, which provide insights into the root cause of the data quality problems and deliver strategies to rectify data disparities between systems at source. The combination of highly skilled resources working with the most advanced embedded data management platform boosts data validation accuracy and streamlines outcomes delivery during the project. They also provide full project audit and deliver additional outcomes including:

  • Live dashboards detailing performance against plan
  • Increased efficiency in project delivery
  • Increased capacity per day – because of automated technology
  • Detailed analysis of root causes of data quality issues
  • Detailed project completion report highlighting areas for future improvement
  • Strategy production for continual GIRFT improvement
  • Ongoing Managed Service to iron out areas of concern ‚Äì post project
  • Continual optimisation of waiting list pathways ‚Äì post project

Three Service Offerings

We deliver robust, reliable resourcing solutions to underpin diverse data quality requirements, including waiting list assurance, systems migrations, analytics, and statutory returns. Our services portfolio provides a range of options to supplement client delivery of data quality improvement programmes including:

  • Placement of Experts – to supplement existing client teams
  • Fully Outsourced Teams – to deliver projected outcomes
  • Provision of Managed Service – to continually improve data quality strategies

Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) – embedded technology

PP+ replaces ALL spreadsheets and dramatically reduces the huge amount of man hours taken up in producing manual PTL Reports. By replacing manual data checking with automated, evidenced-based, validation of data between specialty source systems and the PAS/EPR, wrong pathways or clock stops are easily spotted, errors in coding highlighted and bottlenecks are clearly seen.

With PP+ you can have daily or near real-time automated reporting that can be used for statutory national reporting or for Board level dashboards, with the confidence that the data is fully accurate. It presents a single source of the truth for all waiting lists across all specialties, highlights clinical priorities and breaches and enables the Trust to plan their way out of the Recovery and maximise resources.

Improving Outcomes with Data Quality
At Insource Teams we have proven that a combination of our expert resources together with our leading technology platforms delivers greater results – People, Technology, Process. Throughout the pandemic we have seen that it is critical to utilise automated software combined with skilled resources to support remote working and deliver far more accurate patient outcomes. As a result we want all our clients to benefit from this expertise.

Utilising our skills in all aspects of data we provide:


  • Highly skilled and experienced teams to tackle data quality issues accurately and fast


  • Our programs are underpinned with our latest data automation technology to streamline validation of data between source systems for an evidenced-based, solid data foundation
  • Our technology is embedded, for the duration of the project, at no extra cost to the client
  • Recommendations are made during the project for process improvements to avoid future data quality issues


  • Once uncovered, the reasons for data errors, such as incorrect coding or broken processes, can be addressed during the project
  • During every project we provide client staff with unlimited access to our e-Learning platforms at no additional cost


  • Our aim is to enable clients to constantly work with the best quality data to deliver the best quality patient outcomes

Waiting Lists

Insource Teams provides sophisticated data quality and waiting time validation services to the NHS. We provide teams of temporary resources led by experienced program leads with over 30 years’ experience. Being HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) compliant we offer a remote Managed Service that:

  • Eliminates onsite space demands of temporary staff
  • Provides the most experienced specialists as no geographical limitations
  • Reduces costs of travel etc.
  • Enables service flexibility, immediate deployment or cessation
  • Gives access to real-time dashboards
  • Produces daily progress reports for full control
  • Easy procurement through wide range of NHS Frameworks

Data Migrations

We have vast experience assisting clients to migrate from legacy to new clinical systems for:

  • Digital Pathology
  • Community
  • Mental Health systems
  • ICS regions – migrations in line with regional strategies

We hold an enviable record of 100% success rate of ensuring all system migrations maintain reporting continuity pre, during and post migration, which is essential to maintain seamless patient care throughout the transition.

Our proven approach of deploying our skilled migration team, combined with our Insource data management platform, will ensure that all your patients migrate successfully to the new system and, all statutory returns and management information will be fully available throughout the transition.

To find out more about Data Validation services contact [email protected]