As elective waiting lists continue to grow across the country due to Covid, fundamental record accuracy is crucial. The ability to spot urgent clinical priorities is even more essential with the increasing backlog and the fact that 52-week waits are being breached. Accurate waiting lists information is imperative if we are to understand the true demand and capacity needed to restore critical services and support clinicians, so that patients are seen fairly and equitably.

Patient Pathway Plus is a proven data management solution that monitors and manages patient pathways more efficiently and facilitates prioritisation of care based on waiting times and clinical urgency, among other metrics. And thanks to a robust ROI calculator, based on savings experienced by existing clients, Insource also provides a transparent breakdown of when the technology will break even for you and begin freeing up your resources so you have more time to drive recovery plans.

Patient Pathway Plus can be installed in one week, implemented in three weeks and delivering ROI in 3-4 months. Plus, there’s advantageous financial packages that allow Trusts to make decisions locally to take advantage of this offer of help immediately.

Patient Pathway Plus from Insource will not only improve the quality of your data and the efficiency and accuracy of your reporting, but one of our customers has recorded cumulative saving of half a million administrative staff hours – equating to an ROI in excess of 500% on the technology investment over five years!

Our longstanding clients tell us how they face daily challenges to increase the quality of care while decreasing costs and ensuring better outcomes despite caring for larger numbers of patients. They look to us to help drive efficiencies that contribute to their bottom line.

The Insource ROI calculator offers Trusts a customised view on how quickly they can begin to gain time back from manual and inefficient processes and begin reinvesting that time to address other important issues. Insource provides a personalised ROI roadmap outlining how soon you will be able to reinvest administrative time to track patients and begin to recover from this current waiting list crisis – ensuring patient care returns to normal as quickly as possible.