Whilst the NHS strives for regional reporting and Trust mergers become more prevalent, and more recently, provider collaborations are set to be forged through the Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) – the stark issue remains, if the data shared is inaccurate only poor decisions can be made. Having a data foundation that, can cross check data using evidence-based methodologies to ensure data accuracy, and can consolidate data from multiple data formats into a unified data layer becomes an absolutely necessity. With any digital transformation the reliance on the underlying accuracy of the data is paramount – the old adage rubbish in, rubbish out comes to mind. And as Gartner states, Data and analytics are crucial for digital transformation.

Evidence-based data platform – a strategic foundational solution for region-wide services

Data standardisation and the need to automate disparate data sources and data flows is a critical foundation for an interoperable NHS. Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) provides a transparent, evidence-based data management platform that enables Trusts and care providers to manage their patient pathways and pathway processes throughout the organisation and across care boundaries. Being a centralised digital hub, it is perfectly suited for workforces distributed across organisations and locations, including those working remotely as a result of Covid restrictions.

PP+ powerful data consolidation platform

Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) is a powerful data consolidation solution that takes data from multiple provider systems and ensures data standardisation using NHS data dictionary formats. Its interactive data unification capabilities show full data lineage for audit tracking. Plus, its in-built data quality checks, up to 1 million/day, ensure complete data integrity within the system so the Trust Board or community provider can be fully confident that the data they are interrogating is fully accurate and up to date. PP+ provides the accurate data foundation for region-wide administrative process management and PTL reporting.

PP+ is the right product, at the right place, at the right time as it provides the underpinning unified data layer for all key care processes and forms the foundation for true interoperability. PP+ Enterprise, a regional application of PP+, is vendor neutral and works with any combination of PAS, EPR’s, clinical, administration and primary care systems.

Siloed NHS – a major hurdle to regional reporting, enabling the bigger picture

Our siloed NHS with its disparate systems infrastructure, technologies and data formats and structures has historically been a major hurdle for regional digital reporting and data consolidation. Keeping a focus on just the processes and systems for managing pathways in itself creates silos. In the past huge manpower efforts were deployed to solve the reporting problems. With NHS England set to make Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) the statutory body, with all CCGs set to merge into their ICS before April 2022, this huge expenditure in manpower will no longer fit the bill. All Trusts will be expected to become part of a provider alliance related to their local ICS. These collaboratives are set to span multiple systems for which 3-year digital transformation plans need to be put in place. Streamlined patient care relies on the accuracy and interoperability of the underlying data.

PP+ is a module within the Insource Data Management Platform which integrates any combination of administrative or clinical system data to provide a single source of prepared, cleansed and structured unified data.