With the increasing incidence of Trust mergers and the need for centralised reporting, Insource Ltd., the UK’s leading data automation and data management solutions provider to the NHS, today launches Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) Enterprise Edition. The solution is designed specifically to provide daily waiting list data at Trust level and a combined Regional waiting list for centralised PTL reporting, identification of clinical priorities and care deadline breaches, and to provide Board-level oversight of the size of the electives task. PP+ Enterprise encompasses a single waiting list containing all the patients across all the Trusts within the designated region and enables both Trust-level and combined Regional reporting, saving the individual Trusts huge amounts of time and manpower costs.

Patient Pathway Plus is a proven solution, already operational in numerous Trusts throughout the NHS. This unique, next step announcement extends proven Trust-level success across a region (or group of Trusts) to provide a common data consolidation, evidence-based validation, and reporting platform for the many merged Trusts throughout the service.

Sam Elliott, CEO of Insource Ltd, stated: “We are increasingly seeing the need in our existing customers and across the NHS to combine scarce resources for greater return and to consolidate the manpower and reporting effort across traditional Trust boundaries. This is critical now for newly merged Trusts and will be especially key when full ICS and STP pathway management and reporting become a major priority. Insource are exceptionally well placed to address these combined data consolidation and reporting challenges both now and across care boundaries in the immediate future.”

Proven Solution, Quickly Deployable

As a proven product, PP+ is quickly and immediately deployable with no need for any custom software creation or heavy time involvement from busy IT departments. The solution at the local and regional level is totally automated, daily updated, with active data provenance for increased data confidence.

PP+ is designed to respect individual Trust local business rules and nuances regarding waiting list management, DNAs and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). It also comes with full analytics and cohort segmentation with data drill-through enabled by its sophisticated data management capability and Unified Data Layer.

PP+ Enterprise is vendor neutral and works with any combination of PAS, EPR’s, clinical and administration systems.

PP+ and PP+ Enterprise are modules within the Health Data Enterprise platform and are fully expandable for capacity planning, demand management, cancer pathways, statutory returns, analytics modules and more.

About Insource

Insource is the UK’s leading data management and automation solutions provider to the NHS. With over a 20 years’ expertise, a wide range of Trusts and NHS organisations rely on the Insource suite of technologies to deliver an accurate data foundation and improved data flows, on which to base process improvements and operational efficiencies that save money and improve patient care.

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