Insource Health Data Enterprise can now provide Trusts with unfettered access to their fully validated, unified data layer to deliver better outcomes

Insource Ltd, the UK’s leading data automation provider to the NHS, is now an authorised partner on the £10bn capacity Fortrus Digital Transformation Framework. The Insource Health Data Enterprise enterprise-scale suite of data management solutions can now be procured via this pre-approved, agile route to market to help solve critical data accuracy, consolidation, and automation issues today. Being already OJEU and Public Contracts Regulations 2015-compliant, this UK Public Sector managed services framework enables fast delivery of solutions against targeted outcomes, with a shortened procurement process and substantially reduced costs.

Health Data Enterprise (HDE) can now be offered separately or as part of a collaborative solution and provides an accurate data platform on which to base data management projects within Trusts and healthcare organisations, or across care boundaries. HDE integrates with any combination of PAS/EPR and clinical systems to collect, validate and consolidate data into a single version of the truth. HDE provides a single source of structured, unified data that gives organisations unfettered access to their fully validated data on which to base key clinical, operation and strategic decisions.

Sam Elliott, CEO of Insource Ltd, stated: “The Fortrus framework undoubtedly gives Trusts an easy route to procure essential solutions quickly and utilise end of year budgets for maximum effect. But perhaps more importantly HDE, through its targeted PP+ solution for elective waiting list management and reporting, gives a firm data management platform for consolidation and data automation which will be crucial for the NHS as regional reporting and ICSs become the norm.”

Procured via the Fortrus Digital Transformation Framework HDE automates the process of consuming data from multiple source systems throughout the organisation and presenting it into a unified data layer. The process deals with thousands of data types and billions of individual data items. With an extensive range of applications, the data management platform co-exists alongside core Trust systems to provide a unified data source that gives organisations unfettered access to fully validated data.

Patient Pathway Plus (PP+), a key elective care management application of HDE, can help reduce elective backlogs and avoid critical care breaches. PP+ gives Trusts a consolidated, accurate view of their waiting list backlog across all elective care, not just RTT, and across all specialities, showing the full scale of demand. Despite the Covid-backlogs, by accessing the framework, PP+ can help Trusts plan their waiting list recovery and solve elective problems today.

Through automated data pipelines and a complex set of rules-based, data validation processes PP+ shows the precise status of electives waiting for treatment at any point in time. By incorporating clinical priorities, it allows the Board to plan and redeploy services against greatest need. Being a centralised digital hub, it is perfectly suited for workforces distributed across organisations and multiple locations, including those working remotely as a result of Covid restrictions. PP+ is fully expandable for capacity planning, demand management, cancer pathways, mental health, statutory returns, analytics modules and more.

About Fortrus

Fortrus have over 15 years of experience delivering Digital Transformation and Managed Services across the Private and Public Sector. We have revolutionised technology outcomes through a range of Digital Transformation Frameworks that range from £100m to £10bn and enable transformation programmes up to 10 years in length.

At Fortrus, our mission is to deliver Digital Transformation through outcomes-based solutions, wrapped in a Managed Service. This approach reduces risk, ensures the most effective and innovative technologies, and provides guaranteed results. The Fortrus vision is that solutions should be procured as best-of-breed, with multiple suppliers brought together to deliver a beneficial outcome. Our Blueprint Enablement Programme provides our clients with a proven outcome based on our extensive technology delivery experience and that of our Fortrus Framework Certified Partners. Our Digital Transformation Frameworks uniquely align suppliers behind a single contracting authority to deliver real value for money and ROI.

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