Powerful elective care solutions suite

At Insource Ltd we are delighted to announce our full range of elective care solutions and our extensive data management capabilities.  With the current backlogs our integrated elective care portfolio is pivotal, as it provides a clear end-to-end insight into waiting lists by specialty, location, and department… It allows hospitals to spot clinical priorities, identify bottlenecks and create responsive capacity plans, that increase patient flow and deliver a targeted, informed, and effective recovery.

Operational management solutions

At Insource Ltd our operational management applications and services support end-to-end patient pathway management, statutory reporting, and the capacity planning challenges of the whole trust. Our integrated solutions enable hospitals to utilise validated, patient-level data to improve operational performance, optimize resources, automate NHS reporting, and reduce waiting times.

Our full elective care solutions suite comprises:

Elective care & waiting list management

Delivering near real-time, validated end-to-end data for both RTT and non RTT waiting lists, our patient pathway management solution – Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) – assists care planning and automates all PTL reporting. PP+ enables hospitals to spot bottlenecks, identify long-waiters, cancer, and other clinical priorities to avoid patient harm….

Cancer tracking

Revolutionising cancer pathway management from being report-driven, our Cancer Tracking provides full event tracking, breach analysis, data for service improvement and full waiting times reporting.

Capacity planning

Advanced capacity planning across the entire hospital or system, with specific expertise in beds and bed occupancy, reducing waiting times, and automating it into agile integrated plans.

Data quality services

Insource Teams deliver exceptional data quality services with:

  • Waiting List Validation – of RTT, non RTT, cancer, follow ups…
  • Data Migrations – from diagnostic or clinical legacy systems

RTT & cancer eLearning

Boost staff performance and data accuracy with our 18 Week RTT and Cancer Waiting Times eLearning modules that enables hospitals to precisely record patient waiting times and provide staff with the appropriate codes for each step of the patient journey.

Patient journey analytics

Empower your frontline teams by delivering daily, actionable insight from existing appointment data, using innovative process mining techniques, that enables them to accelerate patient flow

Over 20 years’ expertise

With over 20 years’ expertise and more than 45 trusts and health boards currently using our services, at Insource Ltd we harness the power of your disparate data, extract intelligence, help you make confident decisions and streamline operational processes that improve healthcare delivery.

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